‘Koala ark’ needed to save koalas, says WWF – RCB

By May 4, 2017 News

3 May 2017, 4:03 p.m.

ACTION NEEDED: Koalas need south-east Queensland trees preserved to save them from extinction, says WWF.

CONSERVATION group WWF wants more of south-east Queensland preserved to save koalas.

It wants a “koala ark” created as a way of stopping the species from becoming extinct in the south east.

WWF scientist Martin Taylor has produced an indicative map where expanded or new national parks like at Venman Bushland National Park would significantly improve the chances of survival of some of the nation’s most iconic threatened wildlife, including koalas.

The map is based on University of Queensland and WWF research which maps current and future safe havens for wildlife, taking global warming into account.

In a pre-federal budget push, Dr Taylor said wildlife was already on the move as the world warmed and weather became more extreme.

PROTECTION SOUGHT: Dr Martin Taylor of WWF is seeking more land to be protected to save koalas.

“Koala populations are collapsing in south east Queensland and NSW due to rampant destruction and breaking up of their gum tree habitat,” Dr Taylor said.

“It is critical that large areas be protected and reconnected to prevent extinction, starting with expanding the Daisy Hill Conservation Park.

“The best way to save threatened wildlife is to protect their bushland homes.

“Bushland is being bulldozed at an alarming rate.

“It’s no wonder the list of our animals, plants and ecosystems in trouble continues to grow.

“Endangered wildlife needs a place to call home, and one that will be safe for them even with climate change.

“The Federal Government must revive investment in new parks and make the area south of Brisbane a priority.

INDICATIVE MAP: This map gives only a general indication of areas where reserves are needed. It is not meant to be at an individual property level.