Wild Koala Day

By May 2, 2017 May 18th, 2017 Archive

Wednesday, May 3rd is Wild Koala Day.
Join us at 11.30am in GJ Walter Park Shore Street East, Cleveland to find out about our tracking program and spot some of the wild Toondah koalas!

Toondah Tracking Update 27th April 2017

It was another busy month for the alpha male koala Tyler who has continued to keep an eye on all of the koalas living in his home range (territory).  We have tracked his travels from the rear of the Trade College/Redland Water site in Middle Street, through GJ Walter Park and Shore Street East over to the far side of Linear Park near Raby Bay.

While looking for our tracked koalas, we have also located other koalas that we would not have been aware off if we had not undertaken this project.  In addition to the eight koalas being tracked for the Toondah project, KAG has now recorded data on these other koalas that are also living in and around the Toondah precinct.

Today (27th April) Endeavour Veterinary Ecology (EVE) catchers recaptured juvenile male Ethan and female Scout (mother of Saxon) to refit their collars.  Their vet was pleased to announce that Scout is carrying a new joey in her pouch.  This evening Ethan and Scout were released back into the trees they were captured in and will continue to provide us with valuable data.