Oodgeroo candidate Claire Richardson commissions Toondah Harbour imagery in response to Walker Corporation’s releases – RCB

By August 25, 2020 October 6th, 2020 Archive

INDEPENDENT Oodgeroo candidate Claire Richardson has doubled-down on her opposition to the Toondah Harbour development, saying she is concerned that the public has not been given a clear picture of the project.

HIGH RISE: An image commissioned by independent Oodgeroo candidate Claire Richardson, which she says gives a better view of the proposed Toondah Harbour devlopment.

 HIGH RISE: An image commissioned by independent Oodgeroo candidate Claire Richardson, which she says gives a better view of the proposed Toondah Harbour development.

She has had produced an artist’s impression of the $1.3 billion marina and residential development to counter Walker Corp’s artwork which has been criticised by supporters of protest group Redlands2030.

Walker’s artist impression shows the project’s recreational areas, while hers shows the less attractive apartment towers needed to house its proposed 3600 residents.

Ms Richardson, who ran unsuccessfully for mayor in the March elections, said Toondah Harbour needed a 21st century approach and the benefits touted by developer Walker, Redland City Council and the major political parties did not stand up to scrutiny.

She said locals had been shown cherry picked images of the water park and recreational area.

“The community deserves detailed information and not spin when it comes to the largest single development ever proposed for Redland city,” she said.

“It’s no wonder that there is so much opposition to this project.”

Ms Richardson said she had contacted Walker Corp on two occasions, asking for images of the entire development but was told that these had not been prepared.

She took it upon herself to commission an artist’s impression and believed it gave constituents a better view of the plans.

Toondah Harbour communications manager Dolan Hayes said opponents of the project had been running a manipulative campaign using doctored images.

He said Walker Corp took artists’ impressions seriously and every image released had shown the scale of the development in context.

FROM ABOVE: An artist's impression of the proposed Toondah development from Walker Corp.

 FROM ABOVE: An artist’s impression of the proposed Toondah development from Walker Corp.

“It’s disappointing that opponents of the project who like to talk about the importance of facts have used doctored images to try and sway public opinion,” Mr Hayes said.

“For example, showing apartment buildings higher than the towering Norfolk Pines along the Toondah foreshore.”

Toondah Harbour project designer Craig Addley said Walker Corp had been constantly releasing imagery that covered all aspects of the proposed development.

“We’ve been upfront about building heights but also how the public will benefit from the many open spaces, the integration of walking trails and conservation areas, and community facilities including the lagoon pool for families and new hotel and convention centre to boost local tourism,” he said.

Ms Richardson said the development was backed by the state government and LNP opposition.

The Redland City Bulletin asked incumbent Oodgeroo MP Mark Robinson to state his position on the project but he said it was a federal matter and would be decided by scientists.

“While some want the state election to be about Toondah, it is not,” he said.

“Rather than being about the Federal Toondah scientific processes, this state election is about which major party has an economic plan to get Redlands Coast working again and out of recession.”

Capalaba MP Don Brown said he had always supported the project and was looking forward to the federal government completing the EIS.

“For a long time now I have called on Walker Corp to ensure that local tradies get first bite of the cherry and that there should be at least 15 per cent of the workforce that are apprentices,” he said.

“This will ensure our future tradies get their start through this project.”