Koala Action Group calls for caution during Save the Koala month – RCB

By September 17, 2022 News

By Emily Lowe
September 16 2022 – 7:00am

A Redland koala climbs on a mesh fence as KAG president Debbie Pointing calls for caution during Save the Koala month. Picture supplied
A koala advocacy group has called for Redland residents to keep an eye out for wildlife and report sightings during Save the Koala Month.
The Koala Action Group (KAG) has urged residents to be more vigilant during koala breeding season from July to December as Koalas become more active.
Group president Debbie Pointing said the call came after a healthy female koala was struck and killed by a vehicle on Sturgeon Street, Ormiston last week.
“Residents are advised to be more cautious whilst driving at night as koalas cross roads in all areas of the Redlands and to keep pet dogs inside or in a secured area overnight to ensure koalas and other wildlife can move safely through the neighbourhoods they call home,” Ms Pointing said.
“Also, placing a post or sturdy branch diagonally against your fence allows koalas to more easily navigate them.”
Ms Pointing said there had been a surge in koala sightings recently and that all sightings should be reported to the Redlands Coast Koala Watch program.
“KAG has received numerous koala sightings reports in recent weeks of young koalas seemingly lost, however usually they are just looking for a new territory,” she said.
“If the koala looks healthy and isn’t in a dangerous situation, such as beside a main road or in a yard with dogs, they are best left alone.
“At this time of year, male adult koalas will often kick the young males out of the area they grew up in once they reach sexual maturity at around 18 months old. This is when they are at greatest risk of harm whilst in search of their new patch of territory.
“Baby koalas are emerging from mum’s pouch and can often been seen hitching a ride on mums back or curled up against her chest when sleeping.”
Ms Pointing said it was the perfect time for residents to be on the lookout for koalas in local parks and bushland in their neighbourhoods.
Report koalas you think might be sick (cystitis and/or conjunctivitis) or injured to Redlands Wildlife Rescue (24 hours) on 3833 4031.