Have Your say on Heinemann Rd, Regional Sport and Recreation Precinct

By February 5, 2023 News

Dear members,

Redlands Council has referred this project to the EPBC (Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation) Act – EPBC no: 2022/09420. The Federal government’s Environment minister Tanya Plibersek will have to decide whether this development needs to be looked at more closely to assess the impacts on koalas considering the loss of habitat being proposed.

Considering the koala’s listing was upgraded to ‘Endangered’ in February last year and the proposed development will remove more than 500 habitat trees, KAG firmly believe that it does.

Comments can be made through the EPBC public portal up until February 14, 2023 https://epbcpublicportal.awe.gov.au/open-for-comments/
Below is information on where and how to comment and a few ideas on what to say, which is best to be put into your own words.

KAG will keep you updated and thank you for your support.


The Redland City Council has referred the Redlands Coast Regional Sport and Recreation Precinct at Heinemann Rd, Mt Cotton to the EPBC (Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation) Act – EPBC Number: 2022/09420

Comments can only be made through the EPBC Act (Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation) Public Portal up until February 14, 2023.

Information From the EPBC Website:

How to make a comment –
To make a comment, go to the EPBC Act Public Portal – Open for comment tab, https://epbcpublicportal.awe.gov.au/open-for-comments/then:
• find the referral you want to comment on (2022/09420)
• select the EPBC number, which takes you to a project page that contains the referral and supporting documents
• select ‘Make a comment’
• upload information to support your comment if you wish to
• mark your comment as confidential if you wish to
• select the ‘Submit your comment’ button when you’re ready to.

When you make your comment, you’ll need to give your name and email address. This information is not made public but only used it to follow up on your comment if they need to.
Once you’ve made your comment, nobody else can see it. If you’d like to access your comment again in future, you’ll need to register using the ‘Sign in’ tab.’

The comments are given to Federal Environment minister, Tanya Plibersek to help make the referral decision.

What to say (best in your own words if possible:

• The proposed clearing (550 mature koala trees) at Heinemann Road Sporting Centre will have a significant impact on the endangered koala population and should therefore be a ‘controlled action’
• The Environment Levy contributions ($5,148,000.00) from the ratepayers should not be used to facilitate the loss of 550 mature koala trees
• Any other concerns you may have, such as your thoughts about the heritage and environmental value of the very large, old hollow trees that were identified in the reports as having ‘scientific significance and their size and age are rare in the Redlands’

At this stage, EPBC are only really interested in whether the action is to be a ‘controlled action’ or not. The justification for it being controlled is if the action will significantly affect Matters of National Environmental Significance. The Koala, listed as endangered, fits these criteria. If it is not a deemed a controlled action, the council will be free to go ahead with the clearing.

The EPBC website also says that the level of community concern is important, so it is up to us to let them know we do not think this scale of tree removal is acceptable when our koalas are declining because of loss of habitat. The community also has a right to comment as the greater part of this property was purchased with over $5 million of Environmental Levy contributions (the largest spend ever).