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Koalas in the Redlands are under threat from property development including the plans for 3,600 apartments near Toondah Harbour.

The current Koala Crisis in Redland City will be central to the discussions at the Redlands2030 community forum, on Thursday evening 27 June 2019.

The forum will be at the Redlands Multi Sports Club in Birkdale.

The term “Koala Crisis” is not an exaggeration. The SEQ Koala Population Modelling Study identified a decline in koala population densities by approximately 80% in the  Koala Coast (1996 to 2014).  Redland City makes up a large proportion of the area once known as the Koala Coast.

It is clear that past initiatives of State and local government over the past three decades have failed to stop the decline in koala population.

Reports from 1996 suggested there were about 10,000 koalas on the Koala Coast.  Today, there could fewer than 1,000 koalas in Redlands.  It is a dismal record which could lead to local extinction of koalas in the Koala Coast.

Meeting details

DATE: Thursday 27 June 2019

TIME: 6:15pm for a 6:30pm start

VENUE: Redlands Multi-Sports Club in Birkdale

The Club has a great meal package that can be served to your table during the meeting.

Forum to discuss the Koala Crisis (that is the Queensland Koala Strategy)

If you are concerned about the fate of Redland City’s koalas come along and learn more about the “official” responses to the crisis of koalas and the urgent need to conserve koalas across SEQ and in particular the Koala Coast and Redland city.  Koala decline was featured in submissions and public hearings of the Senate Committee examining Australia’s Faunal Extinction Crisis

The plight of the koala and community concerns for an inadequate response by governments will be considered from regional and local perspectives together with a couple of options for the future including future use of the Commonwealth land at Birkdale and establishing a local “koala hospital”.

Hear about the work of The Wilderness Society from Gemma Plesman, Campaign Manager with The Wilderness Society.  The Wilderness Society has identified a long list of failures in government policy, planning and mapping, which continue to put koalas at risk.

Pam Spence President of the Birkdale Progress Association  is one local putting a big effort to saving koalas in the Redlands.  She has an in-depth knowledge of the Commonwealth lands at Birkdale.  This land is soon to be transferred from the ownership from the Federal Government to Redland City Council. Wise use could see a significant part of koala habitat secured for koala habitat

Debbie Pointing,  President of the Koala Action Group (KAG) will present the view of the local advocates for protection of koala and the challenge in raising Council and community awareness of the need to protect and expand koala habitat.

Adel Berridge will speak about the need in Redlands for a Koala Care Unit. A local facility would circumvent of a long trip for injured animals to either the  Mogill Koala Hospital or Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.  The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital is too far for our wildlife ambulance.

Come along and hear the experts and come with your questions! And bring your children so they too.

There is no time for more discussions, more committees or more research.  It is the time for Action!  Come along and hear WHY!!!!

Help design and be part of a coordinated response to the Koala Crisis!!!

PS  a few weeks ago Channel 9 investigated the plight of the Toondah Koala colony in the face the 3600 apartments proposed for Moreton Bay.

Further reading about the need for action to save our koalas:

Toondah Update

Recent developments and activities regarding the mega-residential development at Toondah will be discussed:

  • Right to Information applications for the community to sight the Toondah Development Agreement remain in dispute before the QCAT (Queensland Administrative Appeals Tribunal)
  • Sign the petition for a community notice board at G.J. Walter Park
  • Sign and share the “Do Gooder” letters to Premier Anastacia Palaszczuk and (separately) Prime Minister Scott Morrison
  • Sign the Change dot org petition which is close to 5,000 signatures.

Redlands2030 Fundraising Dinner on 20 July

This year’s Redlands2030 Dinner is on 20 July at the Redland Baseball Club.  Price $45/head.  The Guest Speaker will be Kathleen Noonan, columnist with the Courier Mail.  Get in quick to book your seats or even a table by email to

Community round table

Community groups may raise issues including:

  •  Weinam Creek PDA and Moores Farm development
    • Ormiston koala corridor
    • Save Straddie campaign
    • Moreton Bay Marine Park Zoning Plan