The State Government’s Draft South East Queensland (SEQ) Regional Plan 2041 responds to development industry pressure by planning for 5.35 million people to live in SEQ by 2041.
That’s… bigger than Sydney is now!

Here in the Redlands the Draft Plan requires:
. a massive 25% increase in population (to reach a presumed target of 188,000)
. this means 38,000 more people needing 21,100 dwellings & bringing some 31,000 more cars
. 14,400 of these dwellings are to be squeezed as ‘infill’ into existing back yards & urban areas
. and 6,700 are to be built on our precious green lands.
As you know, the Redlands is already under huge stress. The attached submission deals with the problems the State Government needs to solve first for us, the people here NOW.

Wendy Boglary will be guest speaker at an information session at the Redlands IndigiScapes Centre, 17 Runnymede Rd, Capalaba on Sunday February 19 starting at 5pm.
What will the Draft Plan mean for Redlands and what impacts will there be on our lifestyle values, including koalas and the natural environment? Find out how you can have your say.
There will also be a presentation on the Toondah Koala Tracking project. The project which commenced 10 weeks ago is revealing some interesting information on the behaviour and tree preferences of our local koalas.
All are welcome.


the QUEENSLAND STATE GOVERNMENT from massively increasing the population
of the Redlands before they have provided us the roads, transport, community facilities & jobs we need now…
then please fill out the attached submission &


by midnight 03 March 2017

CARP SEQ Clip & Send – Draft SEQ Regional Plan 2015-41v-FINAL