Can you help count Redland koalas on the weekend 27/28 Oct? – RCB

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OCTOBER 18 2018 – 2:43PM

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THE Redlands Annual Koala Count-a-thon is on again, with residents asked to search neighbourhood trees for koalas on the weekend of October 27 and 28.

AT REST: It’s that time of year for people to keep an eye out for koalas and report where they see them and a few other details.

The count – supported by Redland City Council – is held annually this time each year because koalas are most active during breeding season and joeys are often visible on their mothers’ backs.

GO BILLIE: Billie the koala sniffing dog checks out a find.

Koala Action Group president Debbie Pointing said koalas could be found living at private properties, parks, school grounds and bush reserves all over the Redlands so it was important to have their locations recorded.

“Residents reporting koalas will be asked for the koala’s exact location, the sex and health status (if known) and what type of tree the koala is in,” she said.

“Male koalas can be recognised by a dark vertical stain (scent gland) on their chest and make a loud grunting noise.

“Sick koalas often have a dirty wet bottom (cystitis) or infected eyes (conjunctivitis).”

Ms Pointing said Billie, a specially trained koala detection dog who can sniff out koala poo (scats), would take part in the count this year.

“Billie along with her handler Katrin from the Sunshine Coast University will be at William Ross Park Cleveland at 10am on Sunday, October 28th, so come along and meet Billie and help find koalas in the parkland along the Ross Creek corridor,” she said.

“Remember to wear sun safe clothing and closed-in shoes.”

Please report all koala sightings and sounds over the weekend by calling 3823 5575 between 6am and 6pm, or online at, or by email to or to the Koala Action Group facebook.