Action group opposes proposition to allow four dogs on large Redlands properties – RCB

By May 24, 2018 June 25th, 2018 News

MAY 23 2018 – 2:30PM

A REDLAND City council proposal to allow large properties to have four dogs is silly and illogical, say koala activists.

SAFE PATHS NEEDED: Activists fear koalas will be even more at risk with multiple dogs allowed in yards. The koala death toll from dogs is already extensive.

Under changes to planning laws, council has proposed to allow four dogs on properties larger than 6000 square metres.

Koala Action Group president Debbie Pointing said the changes were a concern and it also was a worry that council would not make it clear during public consultation that areas proposed for changes were designated koala areas as this would make them look even more stupid.

”As a dog owner myself, it is puzzling as to why a property owner would need or even want to own four dogs,” Ms pointing said.

“Koalas in the Redlands have declined by up to 80 per cent.

“Is proposing to allow more dogs with less regulations into Koala Areas across the Redlands really a smart move by council?”

Ms Pointing said it came at a time when Redlands had been in the news over wildlife being killed by dogs on Stradbroke Island and organised dog fighting.

“It defies logic why council is proposing to make it easier to have multiple dogs in our city,” she said.

“Many people move to larger blocks of land to enjoy the peace and quiet and the native wildlife that inhabit these areas.

“It’s extremely unfair that a minority of people who wish to have four dogs are given an opportunity to apply for a permit without the opportunity for adjoining property owners to have a say in the process.”

Ms Pointing said the potential for an increase in barking problems and the threat to all wildlife significantly increased when dogs were in a pack.

“Redlands is an area known for its rich diversity of wildlife,” she said. “Those wanting to own numerous dogs should consider moving to a different area rather than expecting Redland residents to put up with the problems and neighbourhood disharmony that multiple dogs running on private properties often create.

More information about proposed changes to local laws is available on the Council’s website:…

Submissions can be made until 29 June 2018

A sample submission is available here A Community Message Jun 2018