IGA, Shore St, Cleveland


Here’s how the myIGA Card program works:

STEP 1. Customers pick up a myIGA CARD in store and the card is immediately activated at the register.  The card and the program are FREE.  Once activated, the customer automatically receives special discounts on 1,000’s of different products each time they shop in store and present their card at the register.

STEP 2. The customer completes their registration online.  A short simple process is followed, and one step is to select the community group that the customer would like their shopping points to be allocated to.


If you choose to join the program as a BENEFICIARY, then every person who selects YOUR organisation when they complete their registration, can help build points for YOU.  A percentage of all myIGA CARD sales is allocated to the beneficiary selected.  The more people who support your organisation, the quicker points accrue.


The points are converted to dollars.  Every time someone shops at our store, a percentage of their spend will be allocated in points to your Community Account.  Your balance continues to accrue until a time when you choose to withdraw the funds ie for a fundraising activity or to purchase new equipment. You contact us and let us know what you want to do with the funds and we can purchase it for you or deposit the funds!  It’s that simple…..