Look out for koalas on Redlands roads, warn activists – RCB

By July 13, 2017 News

12 Jul 2017, 11:30 a.m.

Koalas are out and about finding mates in the Redlands. Lock up your dogs and drive carefully at night.

BREEDING SEASON: Koalas are on the move as they look for breeding opportunities. They are at great risk from cars, foxes and dogs as they move across the ground.

DRIVERS have been warned to keep an eye out for koalas crossing roads, with breeding season having started.

Koala Action Group president Debbie Pointing said motorists should be careful and slow down at night while driving in the Redlands.

“Male koalas are particularly active now searching for mates with numerous reports coming in from the Cleveland area of motorists encountering koalas crossing roads,” she said.

“Dog owners should be aware that this is the time when koalas are likely to come into backyards.

“To avoid an interaction between koalas and dogs it is recommended to keep dogs contained on deck, patio or inside at night.”

Ms Pointing said if a koala was encountered crossing a road or in a backyard, the idea was to give them space and restrain pets to allow them to move on as they generally knew where they were going.

The KAG 30th anniversary and AGM will be held this Sunday from 1pm until 4pm at Redlands Lions Club, 122 Shore Street, North Cleveland, adjacent to the Old School House Gallery.

A presentation of photos from the past 30 years will be on display and the day will wrap up with a koala walk to meet some of the animals tracked in the Toondah tracking project.

Call 3833 4031 to report sick or injured koalas. Report healthy koala sightings to www.koalagroup.asn.au

ON THE MOVE: Here’s another one on the move. Fences like this block their path, often forcing them to cross roads.


Tracked koala Tyler has crossed North Street, Cleveland six times in the last 10 days.