By October 18, 2016 News

With your support, we will be able to implement a tracking program to help fight for saving our Toondah Koalas and make sure their voices are heard. Please Share or Tweet to others.


A little bit of context

QUEENSLAND’S KOALAS ARE DYING!Strong evidence of a very rapid decline in koala population densities (over 80%) in the last 2 decades indicate that Queensland’s Koala Coast populations are in considerable danger.

Rampant development is continuing to devastate our endangered koala’s native habitats and unfettered urbanisation is consistently ignoring their plight.

We are a group of committed residents fighting for the rights of koalas against big time developers and irresponsible development within the Redlands, the Koala Coast’s prime koala habitat area.


But there’s a problem

Frenzied development in the area has contributed to many koalas seeking sanctuary in one of their last refuges in and around Toondah Harbour.

Now, a proposed massive development to accommodate some 10,000 people in high rise buildings at Toondah is expected to have a significant impact on this remnant koala population.


Here’s what we’re doing about it

Our aim is to provide valuable scientific data of the movements of our endangered koalas using GPS Tracking Collars and Base Stations. To track the movement patterns of the koalas living in and around the proposed Toondah development site.

With the evidence provided by the Koala GPS devices their existence and importance can not be ignored by decision-makers.

Time is fast running out for our colony of koalas as we believe decisions will be made by our State and Local Governments later this year. We need to ensure all are aware of the real impacts of their decisions.


You can join us

Please consider contributing to our call for Crowdfunding. We require $40,000 to purchase GPS tracking collars and implement a scientific monitoring study during the upcoming breeding season in this important refuge of the remaining Koala Coast.

With your support, we will be able to fight for the rights of the Toondah Koalas and make sure their voices are heard.

All contributors providing email addresses will be kept informed of the status of the campaign to save our Toondah Koalas.