Green groups unite over Qld land clearing – AAP

By May 21, 2017 July 13th, 2017 Archive
 Stuart Layt                     Australian Associated Press

Multiple Queensland conservation groups have banded together to lobby the state government to strengthen land clearing laws.


The groups, including the Queensland Conservation Council and the Wilderness Society, have signed an alliance of organisations to push the government to turn around land clearing legislation introduced under the previous Newman government.

The QCC’s Dr Tim Seelig said the damage done since those laws were introduced was enormous.

“Just in the last five years we’ve had over a million hectares of woodland and forest cleared because of the changes to the laws under the Newman LNP government.

“The koala is Queensland’s state faunal emblem … but I think most Queenslanders don’t understand how perilous the situation for koalas is, we’ve lost over 80 per cent of the population.”

Dr Seelig said they would be sending a copy of their demands to all political parties in an effort to get consensus on the issue.

Labor government frontbencher Cameron Dick said the government tried to introduce changes to strengthen land clearing laws, but had been voted down by the LNP and minor parties.

“We’ll continue this process as a government, we’ll seek to strengthen the laws in Queensland,” Mr Dick said on Sunday.

“I’ve no doubt it will be an election issue, who is the best party to trust with protecting the sustainability of the Queensland environment?”

Among the 10 points contained in the alliance plan are calls for all clearing to be immediately halted pending a review, and develop codes for any clearing or “thinning” work to be done in the future.